Life is not a ride in a wonder park, where thrills and challenges are there only to excite you without a real intention of defeating you. Life is more like an arena where you must fight to survive. You are either defeated or a victor.


What defines defeat is not being knocked down on the ground, but not having the will to stand back up, because if you're breathing, life still believes in you, and you still have a chance of standing back up again, and showing the people and circumstances that you are above and bigger than them. Everyone has their unique problems in their life, their own mountains to climb, a climb that never gets easier. It's you who gets used to them. Get used to the challenges and problems in your life and pick them out one by one.


Fearing your problems is not a solution. It's an impulsive response that forbids you from challenging it due to the fear of defeat. What good is that saved sense of being undefeated when you haven't even tried to beat the biggest of your life's monsters? At times when you are struck by life's biggest challenges, you might ask yourself, why me? Why did life choose to hit me with the hardest punch? The answer that you should be giving yourself is that it's because you are the only one who can bear it and still survive. Not survive but thrive in this world.


No known warrior became known to leave his name in the pages of history without having scars on his body. The problems in your life are injuries that when overcome would merely become scars of pain and suffering on your body, scars that would remind you of the lessons you have learned, mountains who have conquered, and enemies that you have defeated. So, keep that in mind and keep charging against the enemies, because no matter how strong and tough your problems boast to be, beat down they are always afraid of you.


It's your fear that encourages them to even challenge you. Having the right mindset. It doesn't sit back and hope for the problems to solve themselves, or the storm to go away on its own. There is never a problem in reality. It's your approach towards it that makes it a problem or an opportunity. And “if you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it,” Anthony JD Angela.

你的恐惧,让它们有勇气去挑战你。保持正确的心态,这不意味着坐视不管,等着问题自己解决,也不意味着等着乌云自动消散。没有真正的问题,你对待事情的方式决定了你面对的是问题还是机遇。正如Anthony JD Angela说的那样,如果你有时间发牢骚,有时间抱怨,那你也有时间去行动。

All problems have one thing in common. They all demand a solution for themselves. And if you don't give them the solution, they'll keep bothering you until your dying day. You should remember that you are not the only person who is facing problems. Neither are you the only one who manages to solve them. and solving a problem is much easier than living through the never-ending pain and agony of having an unsolved problem.


All it requires from you is commitment towards solving the problem, dedication and hard work. You can be anyone and anywhere you want to be in your life. All it requires from you is hard work. So, are you willing to give what it takes to be what you desire? If yes, then success is waiting to be your slave forever.